Regional Group Seeks New Strategy for Old-Growth Tree Preservation

Grand Allee Greystone Village

Greystone has Incorporated Tree Preservation

Regional Group, the developers of Greystone Village in Old Ottawa East, are holding their application for tree removals in abeyance as they investigate other methods for preservation of mature trees within their new community.

“We have always seen great value in trees and sought to preserve them whenever possible”, said Dave Wallace, Regional Group’s COO. “Toward that end, we have asked our development team to hold our application for the removal of two older Sugar Maples in abeyance until Sept. 30th, so we can revisit our preservation strategy for mature trees.”

The development plans for Greystone have incorporated tree preservation from the beginning, and that commitment remains. In recent weeks, Regional’s landscape contractors and arborists had voiced concerns that two older Maple trees near the property’s edge might not survive, putting adjacent properties and homes at risk. That concern led Regional to make a reluctant and precautionary application to the City of Ottawa to remove the two trees.

As a condition of the removal application, the City required Regional to engage in discussions with neighbours. Regional also reached out to Mayor Jim Watson’s office and Environment Committee Chair Councillor David Chernushenko to help find a solution. Regional’s Senior Vice President Development, David Kardish, offered the following: “We have committed four years and substantial resources to tree preservation. We have heard from the City and various stakeholders, and all of them support our efforts to review the preservation plan with an eye toward possibly preserving the two Maples. It makes sense to step back and get all of the experts together, so we can find the best solution. We feel the Sept 30th date is a good working window for full exploration. We’ll gladly share our findings with everyone involved when we have a new plan.”

Greystone Village has been awarded LEED® ND v4 SILVER, by the U.S. and Canadian Green Building Council’s, the first project in Ontario to ever achieve the newer v4 designation. Greystone Village Awarded Prestigious LEED ND v4 Silver Certification Regional’s eQ Homes is a Bronze Sponsor of Tree Canada’s National Greening program. Tree Canada is a non-profit charitable organization which promotes the planting and nurturing of trees in Canada’s urban and rural areas eQ Homes Our Green Story

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