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2700 Solandt Rd.


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Ottawa, Ontario


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The proposed office building on the Solandt Drive site in Kanata presents a unique opportunity, being situated in the heart of one of Ottawa’s primary technology centres, Kanata North.  The location features easy accessibility from March Road and Highway 417 (the Queensway), placing downtown within a 20-minute drive. OCTranspo Transit is available within a 6-minute walk, as well as many additional services in the immediate regional area.

The building is being designed to LEED Canada New Construction at the Silver certification level, in keeping with the goal and vision of creating a world-class sustainable office development site. The developer will work with the tenant to consider a Gold certification level which may also be achievable.


The proposed building will be designed to Class A standards constructed for the specific needs of the client. The building will consist of approximately 143,209 rentable square feet (13,304 sq. m.) on seven floors, with a rooftop amenity area and green roof. At-grade parking will provide approximately 537 parking spaces, which equates to approximately 3.75 spaces / 1000 sq. ft. of rentable area.

The ground floor of the building will facilitate the client’s space requirements for support services which may include a data center, cafeteria, and a fitness and training center in light of the provision for a larger floor plate at grade. The typical floor plans have been designed to suit primarily as open office environment, designed to accommodate a high occupant load, and can accommodate the range requested in the RFQ of between 135 and 150 rentable square feet per person. The maximum density can accommodate 125 rentable square feet per person.

2700 Solandt Rd - Property Development

Bicycle storage has been accommodated at grade with provisions for ground floor shower facilities. In addition to a possible terrace on the second floor the roof includes an outdoor patio area and green roof.

The building will have features which will help to define a high-performance work environment which includes:

  • 22,000+ square foot floor plates to facilitate communication between teams. It has been proven that access to team members on the same floor is one on the largest contributing factors in ensuring collaboration happens in the workplace.
  • Underfloor Air Distribution throughout the building via a raised floor system is an option being considered for the project. This would provide enhanced occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and ease of churn since all cabling would also be located in the floor plenum. This would eliminate the need for overhead power poles to serve the workplace.
  • High-performance glazing is proposed on all 4 elevations, with coatings to ensure an optimum balance of light transmittance while reducing solar heat gain.
  • 30-foot column spacing (minimum) will ensure maximum flexibility for interior planning.
  • Minimum 9’-0” ceiling heights throughout the building.
  • Two outdoor Terraces for employee use on both the second and 8th floors.
  • 200 space at grade parking with associated bicycle parking.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Design to LEED Canada New Construction (Silver)