Valuation & Consulting

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Accurate, timely valuation is at the core of every real estate transaction. Valuation Services has grown into a versatile nationwide network of companies from St. John's to Vancouver.

Valuation and Consulting

The True Value of Valuation

In the real estate industry, rigorous knowledge is the essence of power. Duly founded valuations and assessments play a crucial role in determining investment strategy, financing and taxation decisions, setting the goal posts for ongoing profitability. At The Regional Group we put the power of knowledge to work for our clients. Headquartered in Ottawa but nation-wide in scope and reach, our assessment team is considered one of the best in the business. The Regional Group consultants deliver unbiased valuations and assessments reflecting the judgment of industry leading experts. On the property taxation side The Regional Group’s consultants improve the bottom line for some of Canada’s most prominent landowners, institutions and Crown corporations.

Commercial Valuation

Accurate asset valuation is pivotal to intelligent decision making for property purchase, partnership, consolidation and divestment situations. The Regional Group develops unbiased valuations with input from a top team that may include engineers, architects, urban planners, environmental specialists and lawyers to advise on strategies and issues. In turn, solid valuations produce informed transactions, smooth partnership transitions, and positive financing and refinancing outcomes.

Diligent Property Taxation Valuation

For major landowners, The Regional Group’s property taxation assessment team is cause for true pulse-raising excitement. The simple fact is that if your assessment is too high, you’re paying too much tax. Our ability to get accurate information and to review and challenge taxation assessments frequently results in major annual taxation savings. Taxation reviews conducted by The Regional Group have produced some very substantial refund cheques.

Consulting Services

The Regional Group’s valuation and assessment services are a major resource for owners and investors, combining local know-how with national scope. We maintain an up-to-date Canada-wide assessment and property tax information centre through our CAAFA (Canadian Affiliated Appraisers) network. We are prime assessment service providers for major private and public corporations, administering over $40 million in annual payments, on just under $2 billion in assessments. To experience the professional edge that’s built our reputation for outstanding valuation/assessment services and support, contact The Regional Group today.