Renovation of a 100-year old school house

In the heart of Ottawa’s burgeoning Art District, The Regional Group has successfully renovated an existing 100-year-old school house into twelve unique condo-lofts and ‘twinned’ the building with a newly built, eye-catching terrace home infill development in the back of a former parking lot. The Ecole du Sacre Coeur was commissioned to renowned Ottawa architect Francis C. Sullivan in 1912. Sullivan designed a sturdy, practical building which served as a school until 1998. Almost 100 years later, The Regional Group celebrates both the architectural heritage of the building and the new face of the neighborhood where it stands in this unique project.

The project was completed in 2009, and it will be a nominee for City of Ottawa heritage and design awards.

Regional acquired the land for the development, worked co-operatively with Douglas Hardie Architects on the design of the complex, managed all of the required municipal approvals and managed the development process. We believe that the project is an excellent example of community-sensitive infill development, and we are proud of the finished product.