Fogo Island Inn

The Regional Group of Companies Inc. was awarded the Construction Management of this prestigious project in April 2012 with the anticipated opening in spring/summer 2013.  

The Fogo Island Inn is a 44,000 square foot, 29 room Inn located on the picturesque shores of the North Atlantic on Fogo Island, Newfoundland. The 4-storey building faces the North Atlantic and will attract tourists and artists travelling to view this most beautiful island, the icebergs and whales. Fogo Island is considered to be one of the four corners of the world.  It is located northeast of Gander Newfoundland via a 1 hour drive to Farewell, at which point you would board the Change Island and Fogo Island passenger and cargo ferry. Fogo Island is a 1 hour ferry ride from mainland, Newfoundland. 

The client, The Shorefast Foundation, designed and planned almost 4 years before construction began on this one-of-a-kind Norwegian architectural design.

The construction is traditional steel frame and concrete, exterior wood panels, double-skinned exterior walls for complete sound protection, floor-to-ceiling glazing, in-floor radiant heat throughout the building, with the heat source produced from one-of-a-kind design wood burning boilers. The building is self-contained with back-up power generation, water cistern and filtration systems.

All interior flooring, walls and ceilings are finished in the traditional Newfoundland architectural wood painted finish; a total 124,000 square feet of interior wood finishes. The exterior is all shiplap stained spruce siding, installed using 465,000 stainless steel nails that were manufactured in France, shipped to Connecticut (United States) for sanding and painting with the same colour stain as the siding, so as to eliminate any bleeding on the exterior building envelope.

All 29 suites face the Atlantic Ocean with floor-to-ceiling windows and are furnished with classic hand crafted Fogo Island made furniture and fixtures.  All the interior furniture for the Inn is handmade by local carpenters on Fogo Island  and is hand painted. The furniture accessories are all handmade and knitted by local fisherman wives.

The Inn includes a fitness room, art gallery, e-cinema, lounge and bar, restaurant, open air spa, and conference center.

The project value is estimated to be in the region of $35 million, with a spring/summer 2013 opening.