Developing Opportunity

The Regional Group identifies, buys, syndicates and directs full scale development projects. Our primary focus is Canada’s National Capital Region –one of the world’s most stable real-estate markets. Our approach to development is hands on, ground-up, and targeted on achieving value.

Growing Communities from the Ground Up

As land developers, we aim to create innovative and highly livable communities, rewarding to investors, owners and residents. We manage each phase of development from land assembly through to planning, servicing, financing and all associated regulatory approval. Significantly, The Regional Group developments are a key supply of serviced building lots to Ottawa’s small and medium sized independent builders.

Allies in Commercial Success

The Regional Group development team has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial development, investment and day-to-day management. We help clients with every phase of commercial development, either in our capacity as consultants or in a partnership role. Our affiliation with NAI Global provides a world of reach for commercial real-estate clients.

Partners in Development

The Regional Group development team is a flexible and knowledgeable resource, whether acting in a consulting capacity or working as partners in development. We can assist with short term or long term investment requirements and accommodate both conservative and aggressive investment strategies.