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General Inquiries
1737 Woodward Drive, 2nd Floor
Ottawa, ON
K2C 0P9

(613) 230-2100

Land & Development

David Kardish - Vice President, Land Development email
Steve Cunliffe - Manager, Land Development email
Erin O'Connor - Development Planner email
Kim Picard - Senior Executive Assistant email

Property & Asset Management

Jeff Gould - Senior Vice President email
Tal Scher - Director, Property Services email


Nadia Freeman - Manager, Property Management email
Trish Binette - Property Manager email
Erin Day - Property Administrator email
Rhonda Goodfellow - Property Manager, Residential & Commercial email
Sheila Olivieri - Property Manager email
Nancy Parra - Property Manager email
Edmond Ruest - Property Manager email
Kimberly Scanlon - Property Administrator email


Nadia Freeman - Manager, Property Management email
Trish Binette - Property Manager email
Rhonda Goodfellow - Property Manager email
Irving Slone - Property Manager email

Valuation & Consulting

John Clark - Vice President email
Kerry McKenna - Junior Appraiser email
Annick Hugano - PILT email
Nancy Abdul Hussein - PILT & File Clerk email
JoAnn Daniels - Executive Assistant email

eQ Homes

Dave Wallace - President email
Josh Kardish - Vice President email
Gayle Brant - Purchasing Clerk email
Stephen Buhr - Customer Care Administrator email
Melissa Gauthier - Area Sales Manager email
Shanon Gordon - Customer Service Concierge email
Krista Handy - Drafting & Design Technician email
Josiah Hawkins - Senior Customer Care Advisor email
Francesca Jacobs - Customer Care Manager email
Peter Jury - Director of Construction email
Tobin Kardish - Marketing & Brand Manager email
Wayne Labrosse - Purchasing & Estimating Manager email
Marc Lalonde - Design Manager email
Sharon Linttell - Executive Assistant email
Michel Renaud - Project Manager email
Stef Shaw - Estimator email
Elizabeth Shepheard - Sales Administrator email
Wesley Thompson - Project Coordinator email
Katherine Toms - Digital Marketing Specialist email
Jonathan Vandermeer - Drafting & Design Technician email
Harley Wallin - Sales Manager email


Manny Agulnik - Broker email

Investment & Leasing

Steve Gordon - President & CEO email
Ryan Goldberg - Director, Leasing email
Sender Gordon - Director, Leasing email


Jim McCaw - Chief Financial Officer email
Kim Picard - Senior Executive Assistant email
Innogen Henderson - Director of Finance email
Kim Burton - Controller, Corporate email
Howard Geller - Controller, Property Management email
Warren MacDonald - Controller, Land & Housing email
Jennifer Amenu - Accounting Clerk email
Laaley Amenu - Accounts Payable Administrator email
Line Barrett - Accounting Administrator email
Heather Cummings - Accounting Clerk email
Shimon Dashevsky - Financial Analyst email
Nathalie Hachey - Accounts / Property Administrator email
Natalie MacDonald - Accounting Clerk email
Georgeta Marinescu - Accounting Administrator email
Mehgan Meathrell - Accounts Payable Administrator email
Hayley Schultz - Accounting Clerk email

Executive & Administration

Steve Gordon - President & CEO email
Len Potechin - Chairman & Founder email
Dave Wallace - Chief Operating Officer email
Jim McCaw - Chief Financial Officer email
Joost Homan - Real Estate Analyst email
Kim Picard - Senior Executive Assistant email
Betty Casey-Large - Human Resources Manager email
Bryan Yorke - Marketing Manager email
Juliana Gomes - Reception email