Executive Team

Our executive team is filled with experienced, multi-disciplinary real estate professionals who have the expertise to target investment potential, develop profitable real estate assets and deliver professional advice and management.

The Regional Executive Team

Steve Gordon - President & CEO

tel.: 613.230.2100 ext. 7000
e: sgordon@regionalgroup.com

Jeffrey Gould - Senior Vice President, Property Management

tel.: 613.230.2100 ext. 7003
e: jgould@regionalgroup.com

David Kardish - Vice President, Land Development

tel.: 613.230.2100 ext. 7004
e: dkardish@regionalgroup.com

John Clark - Vice President, Valuation & Consulting

tel.: 613.230.2100 ext. 6200
e: jclark@regionalgroup.com

Jim McCaw - Chief Financial Officer

tel.: 613.230.2100 ext. 7101
e: jmccaw@regionalgroup.com

Dave Wallace - Chief Operating Officer

tel.: 613.230.2100 ext. 7210
e: dwallace@regionalgroup.com