About Us

Regional Group is an innovative, nimble and forward-thinking company, with a proven track record of creating opportunity and value for our clients.  With extensive experience in every aspect of the real estate environment, Regional Group is the premier source of flexible, tailored, high-level real estate insight, investment, development and management. 

About Us

We Build Opportunity

For over 50 years, The Regional Group has been shaping real estate opportunities in Ottawa and throughout Canada’s National Capital Region. We ASSESS, CREATE and MANAGE real estate value for our clients, partners and investors. Our team of experienced, multi-disciplinary real estate professionals have the expertise to target investment potential, develop profitable real estate assets and deliver professional advice and management. Through knowledge, The Regional Group builds opportunity and adds value.

We Are Partners

The Regional Group works with a variety of stakeholders, including investors, joint venture partners, regulators, property owners, and tenants. The Regional Group is driven by a simple philosophy of integrity. From our start in 1958, we’ve created enduring relationships by respecting partners and by following through on our commitments. With more than half a century of investment and management experience, we’re proud of our contributions to our stakeholder community. Together we’re helping make Ottawa one of the world’s most livable cities.

We Assess Value

The Regional Group is respected as a prominent real estate investor with an extensive network of contacts in the National Capital Region. Accordingly, we are continually aware of the state of the marketplace and have early access to attractive real estate investment opportunities. Where our value assessment identifies strong opportunities or strong potential, we acquire the assets on behalf of ourselves and/or ourselves and our partners and/or investors. We also assess value for our clients through the preparation of real estate appraisals and review and appeal of property tax assessments. Finally, The Regional Group continually assesses value in our portfolio of real estate, identifying added-value opportunities.

We Create Value

The Regional Group uses creativity, strategy and insight to grow value. We see beyond ‘what is’, to imagine what can be. A suburban piece of land can become an urban village or a golf course community. A tired office building needs to be retrofitted to attract better tenants. An old school house welcomes the transformation to loft condominiums. After envisioning the possibilities, we choose a strategy. Then our real estate professionals use their expertise to implement the vision.

We Manage Investment

The Regional Group professionally manages real estate investment for clients, owners and investors. We are a leading property management firm in Ottawa, professionally managing over 1100 apartment and condominium units and 4,860,000 square feet of commercial, industrial and retail space. We’re proud of earning the long-term confidence of owners: in many cases we’ve been entrusted to manage the same building for decades. Our focus on value includes establishing positive relationships with tenants, overseeing retrofits and renovations, attracting new tenants, and negotiating leases. Through assessment review and appeal, we minimize client’s property taxes.

We Consult

For selected Crown Corporations, we review and manage property tax payment. We advise on property improvements and support investors by finding qualified buyers and negotiating deals to sell properties and land. Experienced property owners count on The Regional Group to maximize the value of their investments.

We “Develop” Solutions

The Regional Group has extensive experience handling every phase of the real estate market cycle. Through growth markets and downturns, we’ve found smart solutions for the commercial, residential and public sectors. The Regional Group develops strategies ranging from syndication, land development, redevelopment, infill, improved property management and resale. We work with partners, clients and investors to creatively solve problems and maximize value. The Regional Group’s core business divisions deliver powerful and productive insight to advance every aspect of real estate investment. Our Development Team excels at bringing complex residential and commercial projects to market with an exciting variety of development concepts. Our Property Management Team brings know-how and turnkey simplicity to a substantial portfolio of commercial and residential properties. Our Assessment Team provides highly accurate and reliable valuation and property tax advice to investors and owners in both the public and private sectors.

For high-level real estate insight, investment opportunities, property management or development partnerships, turn to The Regional Group. In Ottawa and the National Capital Region, we build opportunity.